Breathing tomorrow into today

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The International Centre for World Peace immerses people in the new world of the Messianic age to learn about the Kingdom of God through technology. By breathing tomorrow into today, we bring communities together by creating a space to educate the world about God's plan for world peace.


By providing a virtual reality and 3D animation of the House of God, the International Centre for World Peace invites the world into God's vision for the future to experience and engage with prophecy in ways that have never been possible before. We provide educational resources exploring God's plan for world peace.

By collaborating with various educational, Messianic and Christian organisations, the ICFWP hosts a variety of speakers to present on a range of topics related to the Kingdom of God – His plan for both individual and universal peace. You can attend these events in the Virtual House of God for free or tune in on the live stream. In addition to our events, you can also enjoy our videos and blogs on YouTube and Facebook.




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Timothy Stahle

President and Chairman

Richard Fowler

Vice President and Vice Chairman

Anthony O'Connor


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Board Member and Editor

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